Covintec construction and benefits

Covintec panels are made in Mexico and provide insulation to the home, preventing the walls and roof heating up too much in comparison with a concrete home.  The walls on the outside remain hot but inside are considerably cooler.  So on hot days you notice a heat difference with being outside to inside.

The panels are put up and tied together concrete is splattered over the panels up to a thickness of 2 inches then a final plaster coat is added.

We’ve never had AC installed as the breeze and fans are sufficient for our liking, however you may want to live in a cooler climate.  

During the cooler months of the year December – February we have to wear jumpers inside the home and slippers as its cold on the feet, even though outside it’s warm.   This shows the benefits of this type of construction.  It was used throughout the home apart from one wall in the garage.  

The yellow line on the chart from Covintec show’s how the temperature differs to a normal construction and the other sheets show the construction of the material used on the home.

The above video shows how sturdy the panels are once they are set into place using rebars and one piece of wood.  

All of the electrical and water plumbing is installed into the walls prior to the cementing over process.  

There are plenty of electrical sockets all over the house.