Ground floor pictures

Start earning straight away

Both of these apartments could be advertised on Airbnb or other websites for tourists to stay in.  

Suppose you rented the hotel room you could charge $40US per night and then the 2 bedroom apartment for $90US per night thats an income of BZ$260 per night.  

In one year if you only had 50% occupancy for both units you’d have an income of BZ$46,800 or US$23,400.

Or if you had 75% occupancy on both units it would produce an income of BZ$63,700 or US$31,850.

Even if you didn’t want to have an irregular flow of visitors you could rent them out on a long term basis, providing a good income.

Alternatively you can rent out all of the apartments, maximising earnings.

Hotel Room

Approximate measurements 24ft by 10ft.

Total living space approximately 240sq ft.

Two bedroom apartment

Open plan living space with 2 bedrooms and bathroom.     Bedroom one 12ft x 15ft, bedroom 2 14.5ft x 15ft approx.         Living & bathroom space 25ft x 26.5ft.  

Total living space approximately 1,120 sqft